Kaster Logging Limited
Stayner, Ontario Canada

Family owned and operated since 1978

Kaster Logging Limited was started in 1978 by Richard Kaster.  Richard's son , Greg was 14 when he first started cutting timber.  In 1996 Greg retained control of the business and has operated it ever since.

Greg's son, Tim became involved when he was 13 operating the loader in the log yard, and started full time in the summer of 2014.   Nicole, Greg's daughter helps in the bush by marking trees, and log tallies.

Currently we employ 5 full-time employees working 48 weeks a year.

We produce high quality saw logs and veneer, specializing in exporting to many countries.

Saw logs are used for flooring, skateboards, furniture, lumber and many more other uses.
Veneer logs are used for panels and plywood.
All logs are 2 and 3 sided cut from hardmaple, ash, cherry, red and white oak.

We have an estimated volume of 7-10 million feet per year.

We take great pride in harvesting timber from private lands governed by municipal by-laws and provincial laws of the government of Ontario.  The government has strict forestry laws in place which forbid clear-cutting, and requiring a basal count to insure the sustainability of a mixed age, mixed species forest.  The result of these laws are healthy and productive forests.

We are also certified tree markers with the highest standards in the industry.